Introduction of Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering

The Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering is the key faculty with priority of construction in Huaiyin Institute of Technology. This faculty has presently four undergraduate majors, "Computer Science and Technology", "Software Engineering", "Internet of Things Engineering", and "Network Engineering", and one research orientation, " Chemical Big Data and Cloud Computing", for master degree. There are more than 2,000 students in the faculty including undergraduate students, international students, and postgraduate students. The undergraduate major, "Computer science and technology", is a "A Class" brand specialty and a feature specialty in Jiangsu Province, also a pilot specialty of the "Outstanding Engineers Education Training Plan" put forward by ministry of education of China. In addition, "Computer Science and Technology" and "Software Engineering" are first pilot specialties of the "Outstanding Engineers (Software) Education Training Plan" put forward by education department of Jiangsu Province. Moreover, "Computer Science and Technology", "Software Engineering", and "Internet of Things Engineering" are the key specialties in Jiangsu Province.

There are currently more than 80 in-service staffs, including 12 professors and 25 associate professors. Among teachers, there are training objects of "Six Talents Peak", training objects of "333 Project", young academic leaders of "Blue Project”, outstanding scientific and technological workers, learning pacesetters, and advanced individuals of associations for science and technology in Jiangsu Province, In recent years, teachers in faculty of Computer and Software Engineering took a total of more than 40 projects at or above the provincial level, more than 90 projects at the city and department level, more than 100 development projects; are approved for 10 patents, 70 utility model patents, 350 software copyright; published more than 900 papers, including more than 300 collection papers of SCI EI and ISTP; published more than 30 textbooks, and gained 3 provincial excellent courses, 2 top-quality textbooks, and more than 60 scientific research and teaching awards.

Faculty of Computer and Software Engineering has two existing first level disciplines, "computer science and technology" and "software engineering". Among them, the "computer science and technology" is one key built discipline from the first level disciplines of Huaiyin Institute of Technology and "software engineering" is that of Jiangsu Province. Furthermore, in 2015 acceptance of provincial key construction disciplines, "software engineering" achieved excellent results ranking first among similar subjects in the province. Nearly ten years, postgraduate students have been more 150, cooperation with Nanjing University of Science, Technology Jiangnan University….

In 2016, it has formally recruited postgraduate students majoring in big data and cloud computing for chemical. There are 16 master supervisors in this faculty and 53 postgraduate students has been guided. The research area, chemical big data and cloud computing (chemical process intensification and equipment), is affiliated to the field of chemical engineering for enrollment which focus on researches to build chemical data processing cloud platform achieving the data collection during the chemical generation process, data preprocessing, chemical production process control,and trend prediction of production conditions.

The Faculty has 8 provincial and municipal scientific research and experimental platforms, such as Jiangsu Internet of Things and Mobile Internet Technology Engineering Laboratory, Jiangsu Huai'an Software Testing and Technology Public Service Platform, Huai'an Key Laboratory of Internet of Things Technology and Application, and Cloud Service Center of Huaiyin Institute of Technology, etc. The faculty has also established the Jiangsu Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center, Computer Engineering Experiment Center, which possesses first-class laboratory facilities with a worth of 22 million yuan and provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for working and learning.


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